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Video player

Is there a video player that is easy on battery or are they all the same?

I think they're _mostly_ all the same.

I've found that it often depends on the content because some players can only do software decoding while other videos on some phones can do hardware decoding with the right app.

I recommend Dice Play and MX Player as good ones that do hardware decoding - where applicable, that can save you some juice.

Moving this to Applications for you, perhaps others will have better ideas. :)
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Ah so hardware decoding is better on battery life :thumbup: whats the other differences between SD and HD mate? I use MX btw

Good player, good phone or tablet, with a heavy (read: high bitrate, or high def) video stream - hardware decoding tends to show fewer or no dropped frames during playback. In general, fewer video artifacts.

Hardware decoding wherever possible is just win-win for us as users.
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