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Help Video To Cpu Question


May 17, 2011
Hey Guys/Gals, im new to the forum in need of some help. I got my htc inspire the day it came out, and i have 2 questions:

I dropped it on saturday, and the screen is now spider webbed but is still fully functional, what should i do? Radioshack said att will charge a $125 bucks to fix the glass, but i have a upgrade available and might just get a new phone entirely for less than that.

2: I need to get videos off of my Htc Inspire and onto my computer, i use htc sync and i can see the pics, but when i get to the videos, my computer cant play the files, is there a certain program i should be using or what?

p.s, this camera takes some Awesome shots!

As far as I know att doesn't fix phones they give a refurbished one after the 30days for malfunctioning devices. That $125 is for the insurance deductable to get a new phone from att but this is only an option if you have the $5/month insurance from att. If you have an upgrade available that would probably be your cheaper option. (Read Radioshack or some store was getting a red inspire)

As for the videos I believe the inspire records in 3gp format so you might need to convert the video to play it on a pc.
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