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Video won't play when settings are within normal


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May 29, 2010

I'm trying to play mp4 (h264 with mpegaac audio) videos, which I believe have been encoded within the limits of video settings.

I've tried the stock player, mVideoplayer and mixzing and none of them work.

Video is 616x254, 872 kbps video, 165 kbps audio (48k sampling rate), 25 fps.

Does anyone have any ideas as these seem to be within the capabilities of the Desire.

The h.264's are a bit smaller, but I've since discovered it's the program I'm using for the conversions, or at least the codec the program is using.
I've used other converters to convert to h.264 (x.264) and the videos play fine.
Can you recommend a good program for video file conversion, preferably one that would batch convert but allow for individual settings for each movie?
I imagine a lot of people must do this, so there must be a lot of programs in use :)
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I wanted to keep everything in a universal format which could be played on my laptop, portable DVD player (as a data disk), phone, TV etc.
I have tried Rockplayer in the past but didn't really like it, and heard its a bit of a battery-hog.
I've made some progress though, I've found out that Android phones can only play h.264 encoded with the Baseline profile. Not surprisingly, my previous conversions were using other profiles :)
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