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Root [Virgin Mobile/Sprint] optimus f3 build.prop tweaks


Oct 28, 2011
A Couple things I've found:

Ro. Lge.capp_lockscreen=false disables optimus lock screen and enables aosp lockscreen
Ro.lge.capp_resource=false removes gray bar from bottom of aosp lockscreen

Set to a number 0-4 to change boot animation
0 is stock lg
1 is sprint
2 is boost
3 is virgin mobile

Ro.lge.capp_optimusui=false changes some system theme stuff to aosp, such as power button menu, installing and removing apks, etc
I appreciate this find. I had previously "enabled" the AOSP lockscreen by renaming the LG one (LockScreen3.apk in /System/App) but it had dark font and the gray bar at the bottom. Now my lockscreen looks much better (see attachment). I achieved the transparent status bar using GravityBox with transparency set to 57%.

The optimusui=false setting does change a bunch of pop-up menus from white with black text to black/dark-grey with white text. Power menu is the most obvious example.

EDIT: I use Nova Launcher. Not sure if lockscreen transparency works as described when using LGHome (stock) launcher.


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I'm on v7. And I didn't clear dalvik cache for what it's worth. Maybe it's a combination with gravity box, although I couldn't find any settings in gravity box that reverted it.

Overall it's not like it changes a lot of the UI. So far I've seen it on the power menu, volume panel and the pop up menu from long pressing on a message thread in the LG messing app. To really achieve a more AOSP look some theming will be required.
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This is a late reply, but I found out that the ro. lge.capp_resource tweaks seems to be required for the ro. lge.capp_optimusui to work properly.

In other words, set both to false in order to see the gray bar removed and white text (not black) on the AOSP lockscreen and for the black background to replace the white on various UI features (volume, power menu, app installs, etc)
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