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Root [Virgin Mobile] TWRP


Dec 24, 2013
So I have made some headway and have TWRP V2.5.0.0 on my phone which is an improvement over "Firmware upgrade has encountered an error"

Now that I have TWRP installed on my phone, through TWRP, can I load/install the stock image file for my phone & if so how do I go about doing so??
First let me say THANK YOU!!! I know it has been a has dealin with me and my many threads. my phone is now operational, phone calls check, text messages check, internet check. I only 1 hiccup at this point.

1. WIFI and Bluetooth do not turn on, I swipe to turn it on and it turns right back off.

Beyond that everything works great and again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!
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