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Visual Voicemail on Speakerphone Only?


Dec 2, 2009
I have the Eris and I signed up for the Visual Voicemail through the widget (?) on the home screen. When I listen to my voicemails, they play through the speakerphone. I have tried to turn off the speakerphone by pushing the menu button when I am in Visual VM. I looked in options and preferences and can't find a way to set the phone so the voicemail doesn't play for everyone to hear. Any ideas?

Also, what exactly are the benefits of paying an extra $2.99 a month for this service?
While I haven't used Verizon's visual voicemail, I do use Google Voice as a substitute (I hear it essentially gives the same functionality). However, Google Voice is free.

The reason I popped into this thread in the first place is that I have a related problem with listening to Google Voice voicemail. Aside from reading the transcribed message, my choices are to listen to the voicemail over the speaker, or through the earpiece. Listening via the speaker presents a privacy issue, as well as the issue of being inconsiderate to those around me. Listening via the earpiece often results in unwanted things happening while the phone is pressed against my cheek, since the proximity sensor doesn't disable the screen (or maybe just Google Voice doesn't tell it to). Maybe this is just an issue on the Droid?

My point is that if you do get this figured out, you may not like listening via the earpiece anyway.

BTW, a drawback of voicemail in Google Voice is that unless you have notification sent to you via email or SMS, you don't get immediately notified - Google Voice will poll for it at a frequency you select.
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I called *611 and asked about how to turn the voicemail off of speakerphone. There is no way to do it. The only way to hear your voicemails with Visual Voicemail is through the speakerphone. She understood someone may not want everyone in the room to hear their voicemails and said she would mention this to her supervisor to see if there is some way to fix this problem. Until then, I have discontinued that service.
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