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Voice Navigation... beating a dead horse


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Mar 9, 2010
I'm probably beating this poor dead horse here but... I came from the original EnV to the Droid Eris and had missed my VZ Navigator as it saved my bottom a few times. I was really looking forward to the Google Maps Navigator w/ voice turn-by-turn directions however, mine does not seem to be working so far.
Downloaded the SynthesizedText to Speech... reset the phone, took out the SD card, reinstalled it, re-downloaded the TTS all to no avail. Hell, I've even spun around three times while saying text to speech backwards. Nothing has worked yet.
Is there something I missed? Something I am missing? Is it a late April Fools' joke on me?
If the answer to SSH's question is 'yes', then there is another thing to check. The TBT has it's own volume which, as far as *I* know is only able to be adjusted while you're travelling the route - not on any other screen. So start navigating and once the map showing your route is displaying, adjust the navigation volume by using the volume buttons on the side of the phone.
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OK... I seem to be getting some voice directions now. No idea what was/has changed though.
You know, it could just be that I'm stupid and even though I had the TTS database downloaded, and my location set to on, and the GPS on, and the navigation volume set all the way up that the navigator just won't work unless it has access to the sky for satellites.
Yep, that's what it is! I'm just stupid; really really stupid.
(I thank everyone for all of their help though.)
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