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Help Voice Recording app problems

Hi I was wondering if anyone had this problem or can suggest new alternative apps. I use the original voice recorder that comes with captivate but a major issue is that when I start recording the screen doesn't turn off so it is on the whole time I'm recording...if I press the power button on the side to turn off the screen it turns off the recording as well.

I tried again later by pressing the home button so that record could run in the background. It worked and it was on the taskbar the whole time and I was able to turn off the screen. The problem comes in when I tried to save it. I opened the taskbar and pressed save but nothing happened. I expected the program to turn off but it didn't. I had to force shut it down thru a task manager. Later when I went into the recorded files it didn't show up... even though the program says its been recording.

So does anyone know why this is happening or what I'm doing wrong? Is there a better voice recorder app on the market that is simple to use and won't keep your screen on the whole time? I've been wary of downloading the apps on the market cuz I always see these bad reviews about the file format that out records in and stuff so I figure I'd check in here first...

Thanks!! :)


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