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Voicemail issue

Barry Goode

Apr 14, 2018
My Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus comes with a voicemail app; not sure if it's a Verizon or Samsung program. Anyway, I don't get notifications of any kind when people leave voice mails. On previous Galaxy S8 I got email reminders and if memory service also push notifications. Now I get NOTHING, I only find voice messages by accident if I happen to go to phone app and check recent calls, or open up the Voice Mail app itself. I have confirmed notifications for this app ARE on. I'm stumpted. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.
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If you're not seeing notifications properly, look for the Notifications menu in your Settings.
It's a bit of a project to get your notifications set up the way you want, there are a lot of menu options, plus some contextual sub-menu options. And you can look in the Apps menu, find and open that Voicemail app entry to peruse through more app-specific Notification options. (Google has made Notifications some kind of highlight issue in its marketing of Android so lots of configurable features make for a dizzying array.)
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Sure would be nice if everyone's settings menu was the same... Wouldn't that be awesome?

As to the OP's question I'd be willing to guess that the VM app is installed by Verizon.. Long press the icon until the pop-up appears that says App info, tap it and then the notification settings. Check or uncheck the various option to get your desired results.
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