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I downloaded google voice and searched for a thread on how to set up the missed call forwarding with verizon.

It looks like there's some complexity with, for example, having calls ring first on your phone, then they get forwarded and ring again on your google voice for a total of a million rings before the caller gets to voicemail. I saw a lot of kluges and workarounds getting thrown around in a couple different threads related to just getting it to work.

Can anyone who actually uses this on their Verizon GNex:

(1) give me an honest answer as to the level of reliability and usability with this forwarded google voice voicemail setup specifically with GNex on Verizon.

(2) point me to the thread/instructions/etc. you used to get it set up, with any hacks or tricks that were necessary?

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I have never had a problem with this. I don't even really use my GV phone number unless i'm signing up for something.

All phone calls come through to the phone regardless of what number is called, and it only rings a few times, goes to voicemail. Both my GV number and my actual VZW number work the same way and I can't even tell which one is being called (wish I could find a way to do that). All voicemails are sent right to the google voice app on the phone. If someone sends me a text, it shows up in the GV app (there's a setting on the app to send it to the phone's messaging app as well. I don't have any missed calls recorded, or have any notifications, or anything show up in my email account.

Have you logged into voice.google.com (on the computer) and looked at the google voice settings on there? Here are some of my settings:
Phone Tab: Forward Calls to Mobile # checked, nothing else checked
Voicemails Tab: Greeting recorded, transcribe voicemails checked, nothing else checked
Calls Tab: Call Screening-Off, Incoming caller ID-display callers number, Outgoing caller id-dont change anything, nothing else checked.

You can play around with settings to see how they work for you. Sorry, I didn't have a link to anything instructional for you.
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Google Voice is exactly what your looking for. I have used it as my voicemail for two years now without any problems to achieve exactly what you are trying to acomplish. Install the google voice app on your phone. Go into your phones settings and change the voicemail from verizon to google voice. lot into google voice website with your gmail account to record personal greeting, etc...

easy as that and your done. When signing up for google voice you get a google voice number but you dont have to use it to make calls if you dont want. You can use google voice just for the voice mail on your verizon number as it is also designed to do exactly that.
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I just set up Google Voice from scratch and got it to only receive/record my voicemails. Here's how:

1) Sign up for Google Voice, get the number, etc.
2) Install Google Voicemail app - during this process the phone will tell you it can't be automatically configured. That's fine, we'll do it manually in the next step.
3) Follow these instructions: Basically dial three special numbers, and VZW will send voicemails to your Google voice number instead of to your phone like it does now. https://groups.google.com/a/googlep...ice/getting-started--tips--tricks/lF-lfjODvhA
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