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Help Voicemail Notifications


Feb 9, 2011
Something has been really bugging me for the past few months and I've now given up and decided to ask for advice!

Whenever a voicemail message is left, I get no notification. The only way I find out is if I go into the message app and I have an unopened SMS from 'Voicemail'.

Does anyone know if there is a setting where I can get a notification of this SMS?

All other text messages are received and notified normally.

Many thanks
I had the same problem with mine. I'm on Orange in UK. I had no notifications showing up about a voicemail or even anything to indicate a voicemail had been left. Lots of missed calls later before I discovered there was something wrong!

Went into call settings actively selected My carrier button, it was not selected at all..also went into call forwarding settings to ensure that options for no answer etc correct. Restarted phone and it was working.

Hope this works for you too.
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