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Waiting 2-3 days to Activate?


May 20, 2010
I just got my new Droid from Verizon and I'm totally bummed, the instruction sheet on activation says that if I'm transferring an existing number (I'm coming from a different carrier (AT&T)), I have to wait two to three days for my old phone's service to stop before activating.

Oh man, this is painful, are they serious? The anticipation is killing me. I desperately want to activate it anyway but am scared it'll hose the transfer of my old number. Anyone know if waiting for the old phone to die is really a requirement?
I've transferred numbers before, not with Verizon, and everything was done on the day. No waiting or anything. As far as I knew, I thought you were supposed to go ahead and do a transfer without actually cancelling the other service, which would result in losing the number. Doing a transfer signifies to the company what is happening and gets taken care of, but it could be different now. You can always call up Verizon and get clarification. I wouldn't want to wait either.
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