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Waiting for the mint.com app? Try pageonce!


Nov 26, 2009
Today I came across this app. I absolutely love it! It has similar concept as the mint.com but even better IMO. You can view your financial status such as credit card balances, bank accounts, transactions as well as PG&E bills, cell minute usage, airline mileage and flight schedules, it just goes on an on.

It is not as good as the mint.com when it goes about categorizing and analyzing your monthly spending, but it's perfect for quick access to your online information on your phone.

There are both free and paid ($9.99, the most expensive one so far for me :eek:) version, the free version cannot access certain categories such as cell phone usage and airline mileage but can access all the financial information. Like the mint.com, it's a bit slow when getting up-to-date information, so try the free version before you pay!


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