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Help Want to go unbranded


Apr 21, 2010
Sorry to ask what I am sure is an often-asked question, but I couldn't find a simple answer to my questions. Anyway, I have read on various Nissan forums that up-to-date unbranded HTC Desire ROMs work correctly with teh Nissan Connect system, whereas Orange and Vodafone versions seem to have problems.

Mine is an early Orange HTC Desire, with AMOLED screen

Do I need to be root to unbrand?

Can anyone point me to a guide that takes me through the process I need to go through to get to an up-to-date unbranded ROM from the Orange-specific one that I have?

Many thanks,

You do not need to be rooted no.

I havent got a guide but its a simple process. I will add links to this shortly.

1) Create a goldcard (this is an SD card)

Click the Red link in my sig and go to the rooting FAQ. In there is a guide / download for goldcard making.

2) Run the Latest Rom Upgrade Utility (RUU) whilst the Goldcard is in the phone (from your PC)http://db.tt/4CXxK9B


To run the RUU, you just run it and follow the prompts.
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