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Help Water Damage - Red lines on screen


Apr 10, 2012
My Nexus S was submerged in water for a few minutes. Within an hour, I placed it in a Ziploc bag filled with rice and let it sit for 48 hours under a warm desk lamp.

I tested the device just now. Almost everything on the phone seems to be working fine: WiFi, sound, soft keys, etc. However, the screen has thin red lines that look like splotchy clouds.

Before, the ICS WiFi icon was gray when initializing, but now it looks orange when first connecting to my router. Also, any image in my Gallery that has red seems to 'glitter' with faint red lines. The default ICS wallpaper with chroma/rainbow colors looks particularly bad on the red side.

Might sticking my phone back into the rice for more days fix this issue or this is permanent screen damage?
When I fix water damaged electronics, I use 100% denatured alcohol, compressed air, and an oven. Isopropyl Alcohol works too, but make sure it's 100%, aka not water diluted or with added minerals.

I put the alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the heck out of the phone (batteries, SIM and SD cards removed, of course). The alcohol will displace the water and then evaporate much more quickly. It also dissolves any sticky residues left over (ie: a case in which my brother dropped his phone into a beer).

Using compressed air, I blow out as much of the moisture as I can.

As an added measure, I toss the phone in the oven (battery and SIM card still removed) for a several hours at about 125-150F.
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