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Weird Facebook contact issue


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Mar 24, 2010
Hi guys!

I installed the latest Facebook app on my Droid today and found that it synced most of my contact photos beautifully. (I chose the second option: only to sync photos with my current contacts) However, one minor issue and two less minor issues:

- For one of my contacts, the picture didn't sync. Dunno why but I guess I can just add the photo manually.

- Another thing is weird. After making a call I've noticed that in my dialer's "favorites" tab, there is a contact who I am friends with on Facebook but whom I do not have the number for, nor whom I have ever called at all! This person keeps reappearing (with FB profile pic and email address) in my dialer app, but the person is not in my actual Google / Android contacts.

Any ideas on how to fix that latter issue? Whenever I delete this person's listing from the Favorites tab, they keep reappearing after I make calls (to other people) o_O

Oh, and since we're talking about the Facebook app..

- Is there any way for Facebook to use the Android notification system to let me know about any new FB notifications? As it is, I'll be on the computer and see some new notifications, but on my Droid I have to manually refresh notifications in the app before it knows about them. Kinda weird.


I have a similar problem... I have figured out that when I call someone manually from my Contacts list (for example my friend Jarrad), the correct profile picture will display during the call, but if I use the voice command "Call Jarrad, Mobile", an incorrect profile picture will be displayed for that contact.
I went to a Verizon store and the rep there had no answer for why that occurred, but she suggested a factory reset for my phone. I am not going to bother with it tho, since it is more trouble than its worth.

As far as the facebook notifications, I am experiencing the same problems. I will have to refresh the notification list in order to see new ones, which is a pain.
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okay I think I figured out the facebook picture problem with it not syncing to your contacts. I went in to settings>accounts&sync> then select the facebook account, then remove account. then go back and add account and add facebook account and then resync to contacts and it will slowly add photos to your contacts. thats what i did. It takes awhile to get all the photos added though.
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