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How To What are some cool widgets?


Aug 3, 2010
After 3 days of rooting/unrooting, hair pulling, and 425789 reboots. im at the rooted version of Android 2.2 Froyo.

so i'd thought i would ask what are some cool widgets? and where can i get them.

your my bestfriend if you help ^^

am i posting in the wrong section?

i have MOTO Droid by the way.
Power Control- Easily Turn on and off Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync, And adjust Display Brightness
Facebook- Displays Status Updates
Youtube- Quick search bar and displays most viewed videos
Twitter- Twitter Updates
Google search- Googles search :p
Music- Plays music although I like the "3" App better because it displays album artwork
Google news- News updates and catagorized
Battery life- Displays battery percentage left, option to display temp and other stuff
Weather & Toggle Widget- My favorite clock/ weather widget, copies HTC sense, looks great
Beautiful Widgets- My second favorite clock/weather widget
Engadget- Engadget updates
Set cpu- Easily see what your processor speed is currently running at + temperature info
look for some RSS widgets- Instant updates from your favorite sites, I can't think of anny right now
FML- Fml updates
Launcher Pro Plus- has some cool bookmark and contact widgets with more coming, need to be using launcher pro home screen replacement
"3" Music Widget- Displays music with album artwork and can scroll to other albums
scoreboard- Current scores for favorite teams
settings Profiles Full- Allows you to setup profiles that tweak nearly all of your phones settings, and then setup rules and triggers to apply the rules.
Pure Grid Calendar Widget- great looking calendar widget
Android Agenda Widget- an agenda widget that pulls from your corporate calendar and allows for significant tweaking to the display
.... that's all that I could pump out I would like some cooler ones though :(...
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