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What are the best apps for a rooted Droid?

To root or not to root that is the question.

  • Yes, I want to change everything.

    Votes: 11 57.9%
  • No, I am perfectly happy with the stock offerings.

    Votes: 8 42.1%

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I haven't rooted mine yet, mainly because the only thing I'm really interested in is changing the notification bar color, and that isn't reason enough for me. I'm waiting for some more apps that interest me before I go the root route.

Understandable. I have to admit what I am really waiting for is a quality wifi tethering app, currently available for other phones, but hopefully they will make their way to droid in the near future.
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Understandable. I have to admit what I am really waiting for is a quality wifi tethering app, currently available for other phones, but hopefully they will make their way to droid in the near future.

You can indeed wifi tether now. I made a thread for it yesterday as an announcement, but they have a huge thread over at droid forums. Here is a link:

Tether capability with android-wifi-tether (Wireless Tether for Root Users) - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

I haven't gotten around to trying it yet (I've been needing my phone too much to risk anything lately), but I'm really excited about it.
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superuser (it typically comes with your boot program)
cpu tuner

& my favorite....

Link2sd . i highly recommend this app if you want to take un-movable files and "POOF" them onto your SD card. saves A LOT of internal memory.

make sure that once your phone is properly rooted, that you go into your APP screen, and tap on the SUPERUSER app icon and activate it. You need it to gain access once rooted.
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Absolute System
Autokiller Memory
Rom Manager
CacheMate for root users
Root Explorer
and Wireless tether

My advise is use Rom manager to do a backup of your phone before playing around with Absolute system. You can uninstall Apps that were embedded in your ROM. If you have a backup you can undo whatever you mess up.
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To me the whole point of rooting was to be able to control things I was restricted from managing myself before. Here is what I use for that:

Autorun Manager (free) and Autostarts ($1.03) - both of these prevent programs from starting when your phone boots and hanging open. for those coming from windows, sort of like managing startup and services in msconfig.

Gemini App Manager (free) - love this app. i use it with the Gemini Task Killer Widget to kill running tasks. You can set apps to never kill and then quickly hit the widget and kill everything else that is open. This is a manual task killer - by not autokilling it does not suck up valuable battery. You can also control autostarts from this app.

Gemini Installer and Clear (free) - can be used as an install manager, but i use the mostly as a cache clearing utility (there is a widget built in for this as well)

Ad Free Android (free) - sure, you can mod your own hosts file, but this is a nice easy way and since I travel a lot I can update on the fly. Life without ads is nice!

Avast Mobile Security (free) - everyone has their opinion on whether an antivirus is necessary for the Android OS. Forget that for a moment and focus on the firewall here. You can lock apps out of communication, so NO ADS in apps like Angry Birds! You can also lock out all apps while roaming, thus avoiding those pesky $10k bills that are always in the news. Another nice feature is the antitheft capabilities and the ability to schedule antivirus scans. Its also uses a small memory footprint (3-5mb).

ES File Explorer (free) - allowed me to remove or rename apps i did not want/need/use and manage the entire android file system.

The best part is on this whole list - you will spend a buck.
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