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what are these esteems worth lately

Ya metro really screwed up with the data cap. I am close to 25% of my usage only 4 days into the month. I am sad to say goodbye, but I am gonna grab a galaxy nexus on sprints unlimited 4g. Btw, the phone is just about perfect, and has verizon extended battery ana d screen protector, if anyone is interested
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as tempted as i may be to go to another carrier i cant do. it i pay 2 phone lines for what they want for one and no contract. i much rather deal with metro b.s. than sign a contract just cant do it. sometimes i feel bad for other people when i found out how much they pay for cell service then again i realize how stupid it is of them to get themselves in that situation and then i dont feel as bad and then smoke a fat one and everything is ok again
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