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Root What is taking up all my phone storage?


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Oct 28, 2009
I have moved over all the apps to SD that I can (using Apps2SD Pro). The ones that are left are 21 apps taking up about 50 mb. I only have about 37 mb free. What is taking up the other 175 or so mb? I am tired of running out of space, so is there any of that I can get rid of? I have cleared the cache as well, but that only makes up about 3 or 4 mb each time I clear.
I thought CacheMate took care of all of that, but I will have to go in and check those apps that have a cache.

Does anyone know how much space the actual OS and system files take up? It seems odd that it would take up more than half of the available space.
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How about your call logs and SMS and MMS?

Oh, wow, that could definitely be it! Where can I see how big those files are? I have Root Explorer, Titanium and Astro. Could I move that storage to SD? If not, can I archive them there or to another computer for archive purposes?

The actual Apps2SD and Cachemate apps don't take up much space at all.
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