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What is the best HDMI adapter


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Oct 19, 2009
What is the best HDMI adapter to use to mirror my Samsung S4 to a TV? I have read many reviews on the ones I have found on Amazon but they get bad reviews and many say compatible with S3 and S4 but the reviews say they don'e work with S4 when they get them.

thanks for any help and suggestions
I'm willing to be corrected here but I don't believe that there is much to choose between them as long as it's the 11 pin version (required for S3 and S4) not the 5 pin version.

Samsung does make an official MHL adapter, which will obviously work well so if you don't mind wasting money on an over-priced adapter in order to be sure it will definitely work, that's the one for you.

I just remembered that there is a frequency difference between the adapters for the S3 and S4. The S3 adapter operates at 24Hz whereas the S4 one operates at 60Hz. They would both work on the S4 but you would get a better picture at 60Hz.
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