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What is the best IM app for the Droid


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Dec 9, 2009
New Jersey
What is the best IM app for the Droid? And please dont say ebbudy because that app sucks. I just want an app that can do these basic functions which is have a good UI, be able to send photo's or files, be able to see the profile pic of who you're messeging and be able to change status or profile pic. iPhone/iTouch have billions of apps like this why cant Android have one. Nimbuzz is the closest thing to what I want but it crashes so much and drains the battery.
eBuddy works perfectly fine for me. Best on Android Market imo. Least network disconnections. However, since you don't want this I can recommend Meebo.

However, the problems with Meebo is that it tends to disconnect you from AIM (what I use it for). This disconnect will be ensured by one car ride. However, its up to you. I tried other programs but most do not have the same connection stability as eBuddy.

*Note I keep both of these programs installed. I use Meebo when I'm stationary and just chilling and want to have a long convo with one of my friends. I use eBuddy on the go to receive and do short convos.
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Also try out IM+. That's what I used. Used it exclusively on Windows Mobile for 2 or 3 years. The UI on android isn't quite as mature yet, but it's more than adequate.

I have not needed to upgrade to the pay version. Free version supports yahoo, aol, msn which is all I use.

Edit: sorry just read your whole post. IM+ free version doesn't do some of the stuff you want. I don't see a file transfer or the ability to see profile pics. Perhaps the pay version has it.

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