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I want to buy a 32gb microSD card (gotta store the games for my emulators somehow), and have the choice between a class 4 and a class 10. I know class 10 will be faster, but a few of the newegg reviews for the product I was looking at said it was meant more for cameras and phones should stick to a lower class, that theirs broke after a few weeks. Others said it worked just fine in their phone. Any thoughts?
I'm not sure why a phone would break an SD card when a camera wouldn't... I went with Class 6 for my 16gb card (I don't think 10 was available yet) and haven't had any troubles. Especially given that this device plays big games using the SD card, I would say go with the faster card. It is under warranty, so if it fails that soon, you're due a replacement. Maybe take frequent backups until you're comfortable it isn't going to fail...
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