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What question do I need to answer to migrate my number out of AT&T


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Oct 12, 2010
I'm currently with another person on my AT&T plan. Over time we've started not seeing eye to eye and things are pretty straigned between us.

My question is this. I want to migrate my number out of this person's account. We both agree but I need to be VERY SPECIFIC about what they have to tell the AT&T rep.

I'm guessing account number, number to migrate, last four are standard. What else will they ask?

Can anyone enlighten me? I migrated my number out of another account years ago and do not remember the exact requirements.

Yes. I know. I'm going to get my own plan this time!:musicus:
If you are concerned about sharing your personal info (SSN, etc), I suggest getting a new number. May seem like a big deal, but would also give you a fresh start.

Otherwise, why don't you call them to have the number ported? If you can not, then you don't own the number and may have trouble porting it to another account under your name away from you friends.

Good luck.
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I'm not having a problem sharing my information (SSN etc). But I was under the impression that my friend has to share their information since the account (and my number apparently) is under their name.

I would get a new number but this number has been with me since, I don't know how long! I used to be on a land line where I used to have my car detailing business. Then I moved it into my friend's garage and ported my number to a cell under their name.
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I've found out that my current phone number and my (truly) unlimited data has been grandfathered. If I switch providers or change my number to an individual contract I cannot continue to have my unlimited data.

Long story short. I'm seriously rethinking my decision to take my phone and number and go it alone.

What can I say? My desire to take my number and go my own way is inversely proportional to my desire to not get my unlimited taken away!

Thanks for your input folks.
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