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What smartphone feature do you never use?


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Jun 12, 2010
What smartphone feature do you never use?

I was putting my phone in my car dock this morning, like I do every morning and I noticed a hole on the top of it. For a second I thought "I don't remember that being there" and then I realized it was the headphone jack. It occurred to me that I NEVER use headphones with my phone. I have a separate device (okay, it's an iPod -- 3rd generation nano -- the square one) that I use for tunes with a head set.
IR Blaster.

I used it once to test, thought it was rubbish and I'll never ever use it again.

Interesting. I use it quite a bit, at least on my Tab 4 (Nook branded). I find it very handy to mute the TV or change the channels while reading. The gotcha is to find an app that supports the codes for your devices since they don't seem to learn codes too well.
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Love my Moto voice commands! I use them mostly in the car to call people, listen to texts (never respond while driving!) and firing up maps if I need directions.

I don't have an IR blaster to not use, actually think I would use one though.

I have, on occasion, used wifi hotspot. Not for me but I've let others use it off my phone. Handy when needed.
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Another one for the headphone jack,haven't used it ever,going back to 2011 & my 1st smartphone.
On the Note5,I miss the IR Blaster a little,but,not enough for it to be a deal breaker on an otherwise nice phone.
If given the choice,ditch the headphone jack & gimme back the IR Blaster....
NFC is another seldom-used option,but,I want it there anyway.However,I'd gladly swap it for the IR Blaster if given the choice.
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NFC!!! Damn, I forgot that one even existed :p

That's pretty easy to do, considering the teams. ;)

I use NFC for the easy transfer when flashing phones and to transfer pictures. I've not used wallet yet, but I'd like to give it a go.
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That's pretty easy to do, considering the teams. ;)
You realise I had to Google alternate uses for NFC to find out what you were talking about :p

Google Wallet payments haven't launched in the UK (at least not NFC ones - there is an option to send money via GMail using Google Wallet, but its profile is about zero). Maybe Android Pay will instead, in the fullness of time...
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Odd how people vary. I also never use the IR blaster, but use both headphones and hotspot regularly.

But I can go a year without using Bluetooth, and never use any voice control, voice search or speech to text features.

Yep, we all use them differently.
I never use the headphone jack, nor the Hotspot, nor the IR blaster thingy what that is.

I do use my Blue Parrott Trucker's headset every day, sometimes for hours at a time. have to so I can keep my hands free to use the keyboard to type dictation at times.
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