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Root whats the point of root

Root does not change anything on your phone. It is simply a KEY that opens the locked system files of the phone, allowing YOU to change anything. This is can be a very good thing, and such power can also ruin your device if you are not careful.

The main advantage I see in rooting is the ability to install a custom Recovery to make something called a nandroid backup. It is a snapshot image of your phone's entire current state, at that moment, saved as a zip file on the SD card. If something gets deleted that should not have, or a malicious app starts taking over the phone, you can go into Recovery, wipe the phone and restore it to its previous working state with the nandroid.

What else does a custom Recovery do? You can clean the cache and even replace the phone's entire operating system with a custom one (ROM). Again, root is powerful: but PLEASE do not start digging around in the system files, changing and deleting things, unless (a) you know what you're doing; and (b) you have made a nandroid backup.

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I know you feel you can't wait, but please DO.

Read. Read a lot. There are All Things Root guides here that will explain every step of every process you need to do. Please understand what to do, how to do it and WHY you are doing it. That way if something goes wrong you will know what's happened and how to recover from it.

I only tell you this because I cannot count the times I have read posts from Android Forums members saying "Help! I accidentally deleted everything and now nothing works!" No one needs that sort of trouble. Please ASK QUESTIONS before you do anything fancy so you know what you're doing. I know you'll do fine.
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