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lg venice

  1. A

    need Lg venice lg730 cab file/ way to unbrick this phone with other models stock

    need lg venice lg730 any official .cab file. i have its zip rooted zv8 stock but this phone does not have custom recovery install, if some one have any idea to unbrick this phone with any other lg models stock kindly tell me,
  2. L

    Help to find the firmware LG730ZV8

    Hello, please help me find the firmware LG730ZV8. All the links that I found on this forum and on the Internet broken.
  3. X

    Root spare a cup of code?

    Your phone's build has a single touch memory switch, I was wondering if someone here has a dump of the stock ROM. as the the LG F6 has really low internal memory.
  4. V

    Help lg venice brick QDLOAD??

    update firmware on next day no turning on brick qdload help???????????????
  5. V

    Help My venice restarts itself

    restarts itself help
  6. A

    Help Stuck in Recovery mode! HELP!

    I recently bought a password-locked LG Venice that I needed to factory reset. After coming to the recovery menu by pressing Power and volume -, I couldn't select anything. I can move up and down but the power button doesn't do anything. The home button just gets rid of the menu and shows the...
  7. Fairlight64

    Help WiFi receptor keeps toggling itself on

    I have been looking at how the heck can I stop the WiFi toggle from going on. HECK it happens sometimes immediately after I turn it off. Unlike other Android devices I have had under the same carrier, this one doesn't have much control over when the wifi receptor should be on. As you...
  8. G

    Help Hard reset problem

    I tried to hard reset my lg venice with the power volume down home button method (I'm also thinking my home button isn't working now) first it would only go to the droid with the exclamation mark in the triangle now it won't go past the lg screen can any one help
  9. A

    Help SD Card Removed message after phone got wet

    I have this same problem!!!! I have the lg venis with boost mobile With a 2gb sd card Yesterday i got my phone wet put it in a zip lock bag of rice and left it there sknce 6am and took it out around 8pm it turned on i can make and get calls same with text i have small lines acrossed the...
  10. R

    Help Need Help Bad!

    How do you delete hidden pictures on a lg730 venice can you please help thanks an god bless
  11. M

    Help Verizon service

    Is there a way to use a a phone from Boost on a verizon account?
  12. D34DBre4kr

    Root dead battery wont power up

    the phone was dead for a couple months in a drawer and i plugged it in and no lg logo no boot it just gets way to warm. please help im trying to sell this phone
  13. L

    Help Stuck in android system recovery 3e?? Pls help

    Hello I have the same problem as the previouse people here...I have an lg Venice rooted and was using J.C. Rummy tool box pro app to do a backup in the Rom installer portion of the app. I thought I was just backing up something that was already there so no harm...well it asked me to start...
  14. dirtyredz

    Root Im unlocked to pageplus, now what?

    So, I had my wife's Venice flashed to pageplus, so its unlocked as far as i know, question is how to test if bootloader is also unlocked, and if not since my access code is now 000000, how do I access menu to unlock it (im on ICS stock) and by doing so will there be anything I can do to help...
  15. G

    Lg venice screen issue. (need help!)

    Hello everyone and thank you for clicking my thread. I have had my LG Venice, for a few months now. The screen recently went out, for no apparent reason, it was not dropped, nor was there moisture anywhere around or on my device. I had left my phone to charge ( I thought it might just be dead,)...
  16. W

    Help Discharging on USB car charger

    Just got this phone about 9 days ago, and tried three different USB chargers to the same effect. just a couple of hours ago i had a fully charged battery with no GPS running, and after 10 minutes my phone was down to 89%. i checked battery info and the status was "discharging". what gives? the...
  17. B

    Help! Lg730zv5 or lg730zv6 (cab)

  18. T


    Does anyone have a copy of the lg730zv5.cab file? I can't seem to find a working link to dl from. I have tried the link posted on this site and just about every link that comes up in a Google search--none work!
  19. jdogrambo

    Root Headphone jack

    Any one else haveing problem i can hear the beat but not the words started after jb update
  20. jdogrambo

    Root Just got this phone

    My cuz got the moto g so I'm getting his Venice for 59 dollars
  21. dirtyredz

    Root bootloader unlock?

    any chance this will work for us? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2224020
  22. D

    Help Quality: Songified Calls

    Everyone sound's sort-of songified when I speak with them. General bad sounding calls but sometimes recover over time. My connection has full bars strength is good. Can anyone recommend a setting change of some kind to enhance the quality of sound? I'm also rooted if that helps.
  23. S

    Help 3G Not working

    Hi, I don't know if anyone has a solution yet but my phones 3G no longer kicks in - it was fine when I first got it, then after I started using WiFi it refuses to come on - restarting and/or toggling the 'Data Allow' button doesn't seem to work. Please help!
  24. O

    Help "Warning!! Apps list is empty!!"

    My girlfriend has an LG Venice which I rooted for her. She came to me and showed me the following popup warning box. But can't tell me what it was she was doing when error occurred. Warning!! Apps list is empty! Go to "Settings" "Filter" and extend filter. If that does not help, the...
  25. D

    Root Loki Kernel! Possible Answer to prayers!

    [Kernel][Loki][8-9-13]Broken Out Modded Stock Kernel http://androidforums.com/lg-optimus-f7-all-things-root/748472-kernel-lg870-fx1s-loki-modded-unsecure-kernel.html What are the chances something like this works for our phone too??? :D:D:D:D:D:D Dev needed!