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Help What's using my data?


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May 21, 2010
Okay, the other day I noticed that my phone was constantly downloading data via 3g, even though there was apparently nothing running. I kept an eye on it for about an hour, and it was constantly chewing through data.

I turned it off and back on, and everything returned to normal.

I can see from my online account with my provider that in this period my phone seems to have chewed through about 150megs of data. Is there anyway to find out which program did this?

Phone is unrooted/
If you load the Norton Mobile Utilities it will be able to tell you (from the point you loaded it..) which app has used what amount of data from the network (wifi or 3G). On the main screen there is a Device button that gives you various graphs but when you click on the network graph it shows a ranked list of the apps that have used it.

it does the same for battery use, cpu use etc.
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i read every one of those links and none of them address necessarily the op's issues or mine for sure
..i found this by searching android forums as i had a galaxy s2 with 1gb of data and in a year i never went much over half the data i had allotted...
most ever was 700mb.
but i got my galaxy s2 less than 3 mths ago and didnt pay attention to data use..because...
A. i use all the same apps and have the same browsing style etc...as before...i dont stream music or videos etc. i am just a normal email and browsing dude.
B. i had a 2 mth new member unlimited data deal...
so based on A and B i didnt watch my GS2 data...

until 3 days ago when i was emailed by cell company i am at 80% of mthly data...hmm? i thought i must be near mthly cycle end...uh..no..i look it up and i am 9 days into new mth:eek:

further more not only when i call in...less than a day later...am i now at 92% of my 1gb...i ask them to pull up the last mths use and get this...it was a mind boggling 5.5GB:eek::eek::eek:

how in the hell can one take a samsung smart phone...so similar..a galaxy s migrated to a galaxy s2 with all apps and contacts the same...by using backuppro to move them over...and i do everything the same....

and i go from an avg of about 500mb to 5.5GB....:thinking: that is five times the data?
i called cust svc and all they offered was 2 more mths unlimited to try and curb all apps, all synicing all updates etc to see if it improves...but why should i have to turn off every single thing i used before? no more weather widget, no watching of 1 or 2 youtube music videos a month?

sheesh...i wish i knew this when new as i had a mth to give phone back.i love my gs2, far superior in performance to the s...but not worth paying for extra 6gb plan......any help?
help on why apples to virtually apples is so different?
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