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When did you decided to get the Droid?

When did you decided to get the Droid?

  • There was never another option, they sold me at the TV commercial!

    Votes: 9 33.3%
  • I tried both android phones (The Motorola Droid and the HTC Eris) - Droid won!

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • I didn't even know there was another Droid phone...

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • My old phone was bad milk!

    Votes: 12 44.4%

  • Total voters
My contract was up with Sprint and I was planning to go to AT&T so I could get the iPhone. My husband wasn't crazy about the idea of going to AT&T because we do a lot of traveling and he wants a phone that can actually be used. So while I was procrastinating I saw something about the Droid. I started researching and ended up on a couple of sites that discussed the phone and then I became obsessed.

So now I have my smartphone on the most reliable network. My husband has a new phone that he likes (Samsung Alias II) on the most reliable network. And we all lived happily ever after! :D
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it was the perfect coming together of all my phone wishes at the exact right time.

1.) android 2.0 - no longer a glorified beta, open platform, customizable
2.) VERIZON - no way in hell i wanted to leave V and give up the fantastic reception/coverage
3.) exchange compatibility
4.) hardware keyboard - still the best way to do serious typing
5.) thin - i carry it in my pocket so it has to be thin
6.) amazing screen and hardware specs
7.) not an iphone - just sick of those closed-platform, overly simplified, overrated things
8.) it just happened to come out when my new-every-two contract was up

so yay!

edit: 9.) it looks the way utilitarian hardware should look. bad ass. and i like the weight.

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I've been a big fan of Android since I got a G1 back in March, T-Mobile has no service here so I was forced to use it on AT&T (slow slow Edge) but since the G1's IMEI wasn't in there system I was able to use the dumbphone data plan which is only $15/mo. Then I started seeing renders and a few pics of the then named "Sholes/Tao" on some russian Motorola fan site, it was love at first sight. The rumors said it might have a Snapdragon, but that was false, a TI OMAP 3430 using the A8 architecture was great though, especially since I was used to old and outdated ARM11 Qualcomm's (sp?). A 3.7" screen with a slider QWERTY was the selling point for me, and being able to use VZW's awesome 3G network was icing on the cake because no one else has 3G here except Sprint, but it is spotty in most areas.
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my wife's family is on verizon (they live far away and she talks to them every night) so leaving verizon was not a choice - not that i would ever make that choice if i had it. i love verizon as a carrier.

so, i needed a worthwhile smartphone, and iphone was not an option - my voyager sucks, but i didn't like the dare's lack of a keyboard. i'm only so-so on blackberries.

i'm also a fan of the android platform. so, the second i heard about the droid, i was sold.
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It was roughly about the same week the Droid was being released that I decided to add a couple more apps to my storm. Did that and every click resulted in the hourglass. Checked app mem and was at 0.0kb. It had been there before and the phone still worked fine (fine being normal for the low bar set for the storm). Thought I had some bad*ss storm. Did a hard reset, still at 0.0. Did another still at 0.0. Had to hook it up to DM to wipe it back to stock apps. This gave me about 20 mb. I was able to add back a couple more but it was clear if I wanted to do anymore I was dead in the water. But last weekend while droid was being delivered had my storm on a oversea trip and it started to do this thing where only the left side of the screen was selectable. Did this about 6 times and each reset left me with less app memory, finally down to about 14 mb with a reset.

I gave it a year and did not complain really at all but rather obvious it was time to move on. I know see what the storm should have been out of the box.
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I had a Storm previously. Went to the Verizon store and did a side by side with web page loading. Once I saw how fast a Droid could be, I was sold. However, I wound up with the Eris because I thought the Widgets were cooler. But I'm starting to wonder if I made a mistake. The Droid screen is so awesome. But I can type so well on the Eris screen keyboard. In anycase, Verizon has an awesome network. I spend most of my time in hospitals, so getting signal inside is huge for me.
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My old LG clamshell dumbphone started to crack in the chassis a few weeks ago, in spite of pretending to be made of aluminum. I've been cruising on an iTouch/dumbphone/camera combo for many years, in part because VZW had a long-standing habit of clamping down on functionality to shunt people towards VCast.

Thus, I came in to buy a dumbphone and quickly realized something: those mothers were fugly. I don't know when it happened or whether it was part of a conscious strategy to push customers towards smartphones, but every clamshell sliding dumbphone in there looked like an exercise in non-serious cheapware. Rounded plastic edges, garish colors, 10$/month quasi-data plans? What??

Sadly, it worked. I found myself gravitating toward the only phones that didn't look like a plastic silver pebble of some sort. By the time they called my name on the list, I told the rep that I was either here for the cheapest phone they had or the droid. I left to think about it, came back that evening and bought the droid. As of today, I bit the bullet and got it ensured.

See, I don't think I could go back...
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Had a Blackberry, which was great for email, but wanted a phone that had more then that.
Traveling last yr, standing in a line, one of the folks had a iPhone. I asked then to sign us up for a service that would cut out time at the airport. The iPhone flew through the sign in, where the BB was sooo slow for web.
I wanted to go to iPhone. Most of my kids friends are on Verizon.
This ment having 2 carriers. Plus AT&T has more deadzones in my area then Verizon does.
Still I almost jumped until I heard about Driod, with Google OS, touch screen, multi tasking, apps and it being a Verizon phone...it was just a matter of waiting out the release.
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