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Help Where are downloaded wallpapers stored...


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May 18, 2010
I downloaded an app from the market awhile back with some autumn wallpapers. I chose one of them to be my wallpaper and then removed the app, but the wallpaper remained. I'd like to back that picture up to my sdcard before I wipe the phone and play around with a different rom.

Does anyone know where assigned wallpapers get stored on the phone and how you can extract them to the sdcard?

It's not on my sdcard already so I'm assuming it gets placed in one of the system folders.
Hmmm......I wonder where it is then? I guess I could just download the app again, but it would be far easier to save the picture if I could. It's already been cropped the way I like it.

Thanks for the info...

Programs like zedge store all downloaded items on your sd card. Look for a folder named after the application or something you don't recognize.
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