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Where are my contacts stored?


Mar 18, 2011
Looking at this screen from the contacts app I am now confused as to where my contacts are stored.

It seems to say that I have 2,127 contacts - then says 'phone' 1,427, Exhange 10, google 1,453. - that totals 2,890.

I thought I had saved all my contacts to my google account - so where have the 'phone' ones come from? and, how do I copy them across to Google? can someone please explain this to me!

sometimes in your contacts you can specify where you want new contacts to be saved under. i make sure that it is always google and not phone. this way when i get a new phone, i just sign in to google and they new contacts will be there.

......so i would check your contacts app and see where they are saved. you might have to check one by one and move them to google if that is what you want.

maybe this might help:
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Many contacts apps let you select which account to view contacts from. If Samsung give you that option you can just view the phone contacts and get the full list. With 1400 of them I'd be inclined to export them en masse and reimport them to the Google account (which I see is the method @ocnbrze's article suggests) rather than move them one-by-one, assuming that they aren't mostly duplicates.

For what it's worth, you are lucky that you have the option: the Contacts app on Pixels, and I suspect Android One devices, doesn't even offer the option of contacts that aren't shared with a networked account (you can add a different Contacts app, but most users won't realise that this is possible, never mind realise that it gives them this option). This is bad because not everyone wants their details shared with Google, and I like to have the option to respect that (also why I despair of people who say "I don't care if my favourite app is mining my data", because it's not just their data that they store on their phone). Of course it's not hard to see why Google would want to remove this feature...
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