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Root Where can I find Power Control Widget?


Dec 13, 2009
I went from a rooted Droid Eris to the Droid 3 (which I recently rooted). I had a modified Power Control Widget on my Eris that I would like to put on my Droid 3. I've tried searching Root Explorer, but cannot find it. Anyone know where it might be located? Thanks!
There is a stock power control widget on the D3 that you can control the wifi-blutooth-gps-sync-and brightness, as well as the blur toggle widgets for wifi bluetooth airplane and gps. And then I believe there are some that you can download through the market. Are those not what you're looking for? And I know the blur toggle widgets are in the system/app folder...
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This seems to have a DL link for the widgets.

1: Not sure if it would work on the D3 as it is apparently an update.zip (though it might have an .apk in there if you unzip - I have NO idea - can't DL)
2: The DL link isn't working for me
3: "For that I modified the Phone and Setting applications that are delivered in the Cyanogen 6 version" <- quote from the Dev... Maybe check phone or settings folders on Eris if the link isn't working?

May be a step in the right direction though.

and thanks to Piafinho on cyanogenmod.com for this post/link:

New Power Control widget with one click 2G/3G toggling - CyanogenMod Forum

Also, this might do you better to have this thread in the HTC Eris section of this forum (or even try over on cyanogenmod). Might get more help in one of those two places (as it deals with the Eris more than the D3 (if at all)). A Mod might also see fit to move it, but I tried helping thus far :)
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And reading that over I think it won't work at all. Even if you get the app on the D3 I don't think it'd work without modifying the current settings and whatnot on the D3. Without modifying those properly the phone might not allow the widget to toggle, just as you supposedly can't download a GPS toggle that doesn't come stock on the phone - it'll just be a link to the settings.

Just a thought.
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