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where can i get a replacement digitizer screen

hi we bought a dgm t-909 tablet for our duaghters birthday which was yesterday but she has slipped today and broken the screen already , that breaks her record ! does anyone know who does replacements please .

my bro and sis.. purchased my daughter a cheapo china 9" tablet... she sat on it.. and the screen is broken.

where do people go to find/research for replacement screens?

yeah the only place i know of getting parts is from www.repairsuniverse.com, but they only do the major brands. so i'm not so sure where else you can go other then ebay.

TBH I think if it's a $40 tablet and a replacement screen is $40+, just buy a new tablet. You can get parts much cheaper if you're in Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Dongguan. Or are prepared to order from Chinese component suppliers.
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