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Help Where did you buy your Evo?


Jul 12, 2010
Hey folks,

I have a question...I've been reading about build quality of the Evo and the hardware versions (001, 002,003,004). I thought it would be interesting to find out where people bought their units. Was it Radio Shack, Sprint Store, Best Buy, Walmart, Online. I would like to put some type of poll together for this. What I'm trying to find out is what version do you have, where did you buy it, and did/do you have problems (buttons sticking, light leakage ext...) So that being said.....Who knows how to set up this poll because I have no clue. Would just like to know if one or two particulars places have more defective units than another. I'm sure the group would want to know that as well. Thanks for the help. If everyone feels this is a stupid poll and a waste of time, I'm ok with that.

I got mine from Sprint.com. I haven't had any physical damage. I've had it over four months now, and lately I've been getting some freezes using the installed gingerbread keyboard.

I haven't heard of anyone having this kind of problem with the gingerbread keyboard on their phone, so I believe the problem is with my phone. I think a replacement is in order.

In order to add a poll to a thread... after finishing your title and message scroll down to where you'll see an option to add a poll. Check the box and follow steps.
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Sorry, but I'm in the "If everyone feels this is a stupid poll and a waste of time, I'm ok with that. " camp. Entire production runs don't go to any particular vendor and all newly made phones will be of the latest revision, which is 0004 currently. My educated guess is that the prevailing issues with this phone (light leakage, button cracking, usb breakage) are not significant, though they obviously exist. Forums like this are almost electron microscopes for problems. If an issue hits even a couple of percent of users, this place goes berserk. Nothing like that has happened with this phone. Anyone considering an Evo at this point should be more concerned with buying a device near the end of it's production than any physical problems it may have.

FWIW, I bought my 003 Evo used from an individual through this site and it has no issues.
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I don't think its remotely likely that you would get a good enough random sampling to give anything like a statistically valid result - 4 phone versions, a dozen sources for the phone - you'd need thousands of responses before you could see a trend, if there was one. What's the likely-hood that Radio Shack gets phones of lesser quality than Best Buy? Maybe if you just asked the quality question about the 4 versions of the phone? But even then, how do you control for age of phone and amount of use? Sure, maybe version 1 phones have more issues than version 4, but they're also the oldest.
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