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Root Where is the Thunderbolt Port?


Deleted User

I am not sure what all it takes for someone to make a ROM ported from the Thunderbolt, but I really like the new sense 2.5. The current Desire Z ROMs have the calling issues and some even reboot randomly. I was hoping that someone has made a new ROM from all of the system dumps we have, if that is the case, can someone point me in the right direction to download it? If not, how long do you think it will be after the Thunderbolt is released before this happens?
Any port would be plagued with similar or different issues that you see with the desire z ports.

But I haven't heard of any one working on one, but also haven't looked much.

gmichaelow made the Uber Z rom and his website says that the problems exist because it is a GSM to CDMA port. With the Thunderbolt, it is CDMA to CDMA. I hope someone makes one. I wish the Thunderbolt were more ground breaking to justify using my upgrade. Flashing issues are making me think about it more now though.
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