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Accessories Which bluetooth headset are you using with your INC?

BlueAnt Q1. Works well, New firmware supports Voice Navigation et all. Always been a bit low Volume for my liking, but sound quality is excellent. Comfortable and stays put OK. Reads caller ID's to you which is a personal taste issue for some.

Jawbone Prime. Works OK, I am not a fan of the JB design (I hate buttons that aren't really buttons. Sound is LOUD but a bit metallic (much like other Jawbones. ) I haven't tried the newest one. This is my back-up/loud environment headset.

And I have a drawer full of Plantronic Voyagers. My favorite headset of all time. Comfortable, loud and clear and almost impossible to to knock off your ear (even with glasses). Unfortunately they suck at multipairing and are a bit, err oversized for 2010 LOL. I haven't tried to pair them with the Inc, but I don't imagine there would be any issues.
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Jawbone Icon...best $120 I ever swindled my boss into spending on me.

I have had jawbones before, but the new icon is incredible, especially when you can download apps onto the head set. I changed my voice to the sexy bombshell's voice and downloaded A2DP so know all youtube and movie trailers play through the icon, as well as music, but i go with wire for that.
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Blueant Q1...
With latest firmware and Blueant Android App installed,
This Bluetooth device READS your text messages word for word to you.
Fantastic feature when driving! I personally dont care for txting while driving....Until I met this headset...

Combine this feature with Android's Voice To Text,
Texting while driving isn't such a safety concern anymore! ;)
Very nice headset.
Also recommend Blueant's upcoming T1 headset as well.
Stay safe while driving!
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Hold out for the new Blueant T1.... they are even working on a app for the droid... check out the headset on their website... should be the sh*t

I noticed a June release date for this so I will probably wait and see what its like. Can anyone tell me briefly why Q1 model > V1 model, or at least more popular?

Has anyone tried the new Moto H17txt?
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