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Which Magisk Module lets you change Boot Animation and Splash Image?


Nov 20, 2020
I want a magisk module with the help of which I can change my device's Boot Animation and Splash Image.

I also want a list of them to chose from.

PS: I found a magisk module that does something similar but it didn't work for my device.

An easy way to change the boot animation and splash image is by getting some cool-looking image files from Telegram or other sources for your device. Download it, if it's a Splash Image, you can easily flash it via a recovery like TWRP or OFOX.

If it's a boot animation, you can replace the default bootanimation.zip file with a recovery like TWRP or with a File Manager like MIXplorer. But make sure the replaced files name is bootanimation.zip
It might even be bootanimation-dark.zip in some ROMs. You can easily figure this thing out.
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