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Which of them is made in China?


Jun 25, 2012
I will buy a galaxy i9500, but since I recently had a nother phone #, I am considerinng buying the i 9502 dous. I have read some where that the Galaxy s4 i9502 is made in china , so If someone can answer the following questions for me, I will be grateful:
1- Is either the i9500 or the i 9502 is made in china?
2- what are the disadvantages of the one made in China , am in Egypt, so I mainly care about good built , speed and performance. If it will not support LTE in Egypt, that does not matter.
3- Does the one made in Chaina lack anything major, than the one made in Korea ?
I haven't heard of Chinese manufactured S4s. I thought the 9500 was made in Korea and the 9505 made in Vietnam? I also was under the impression from discussions on other forums that the build quality and components of the Vietnamese-manufactured Galaxy S4s were superior to the Korean ones - i.e. fewer LCDs cracking, better fit, etc.

I own a 9505 which was made in Vietnam and it's as flawless as a Galaxy S4 can be.
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My T-Mobile gs4 was made in China. Its built solid. It shouldn't be any different from anywhere else if the same parts are used.

If you follow the following link
Comparison: Samsung GT-i9502 Galaxy S 4 Duos / Galaxy S IV vs. Samsung GT-i9500 Galaxy S 4 16GB | PDAcomparer | PDAdb.net

You will find that the i9502 has the Jelly bean Chinese version. Do you have it also on yr 19500 ?
Is the JB stable ? Can you please try to find out if it has Arabic language ?

Thank you very much.
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