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Who has the APK for Skype before but after

Hi, all.

I upgraded to Skype as soon as it came out recently. After that, I've been experiencing problems with sound quality. Calls start normally, perfectly clear sound, but gradually degrade until it is nothing but garble. I put it down to my internet connection, as it'd been playing up recently. But then I saw a comment for Skype in the Android Market. An HTC Desire user described the exact same problem. So, I think it may have to do with the version.

I'd kept a back-up of version, but foolishly, I didn't back up before I installed Does anyone have the APK or can point me to it?

Also, has anyone else experience this problem with their Desire? I'm running a rooted (Unrevoked-reflash_package) stock Froyo ROM.
Hi. Thanks for your reply. I never actually managed to find the file, but Skype is working fine now.

I don't know where you can download directly, so I've uploaded the APK to my public Dropbox folder.


I hope this isn't against forum rules, as I'm only sharing an app taken from the Market.

Ok I guess you want the first version, well take a look to the botton of this site: Skype finally on Android
There is a zip file downloaded and the send it by bluetooth to your phone or they way you want and install it.

Ok now i have a question for you: where you find the apk version (don.t want the app brain page or market for android please) directly? i have it before then i need to reset everything in my HTC Wildfire and then never appear in market i change of mail in the market, i mean another account, then appear on the web (via pc) that i can installed but never happens, if i take skype on the market app on my phone never appear anymore, the first time i did was via that app but is not function anymore, so help me to find the direct apk via webpage please, thanks!
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I'm sorry. I don't quite understand what your question is. From your first post, I thought you were looking for the Skype APK, because you were unable to download it from Android Market or Appbrain. That's why I uploaded what I had in my phone to Dropbox (I've downloaded and installed mine from Android Market).

Now I think you're saying that Skype is working fine for you. That's good, so there's no need to do anything else. It's working fine for me, too, so I no longer need an older version.

Where you find the apk Skype version (don.t want the app brain page or market for android please) directly?
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