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Who Says Samsung Doesn't Listen?


Android Expert
Jul 26, 2010
So Cal
On 7/23 I called into Samsung to question them as to why the Tmo/Vibrant User Guide pdf listed a "flash" as one of the camera's features. The rep said she was surprised and draftied an email as we spoke. On 8/2 (today) a new pdf version of the user's guide was posted without a reference to the flash. Maybe there's hope? ;)
I've actually had Samsung do the same thing with me, only it was on one of their refrigerators. I bought one of their fridges with the display on front that shows the fridge/freezer temps. Anyway in the manual it said the temps were always displayed, but mine would go off after 10 seconds or so. I gave them a call and asked them about it but they didn't know what was wrong. The very next day the pdf manual on their site was changed to remove the sentence about the temps always being on. I guess they fixed my problem!;)
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