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Root Who wants to help build a rom?

Are you getting one to actually use or just to dev on? You could get one with a bad esn cheap. And if you give your email, maybe we could donate and help you get one?

I'm getting one to dev on, and right now my PayPal is locked (I can make purchases if I bank transfer which takes 5-7 days and credit or debit transfers are a no go when locked and the only way to get from like that is to give them my social but I'm 17, not old enough). I plan on getting one with a bad esn though. So donations are out of the question /:

But no doubt I WILL get one.
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Not that I know of, I mainly learn by trial and error and just trying random things. The only reason I haven't built the kernel is because ZTE hasn't released the kernel source. Now we do have the ZTE Avid source and it will do is some good, but we may have little kernel errors that android software can't fix.

ZTE is pretty bad about releasing source code. When they finally released the kernel source for the warp it was broken. I took a while for our devs to make something workable out of it.
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You lookin to port cm10 or something?

Actually, over at the ZTE Avid community, which is nearly identical to the Force, they have a CM10 port that is far in to development. Last I checked, they were ironing out some bugs like issues with WiFi and 4G. I don't know too much, but with the similarity between the two phones, I would guess that the only differences would be base kernel and radio.
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