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Whos getting one??


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Aug 4, 2010
Reno, NV
soooo any current gen vibrant owners considering a SGS4G?

I am likely going to get one and keep my current vibrant... I really think the loss of 15gb internal space is not a big deal and should do away with the need of a ext2 or 4 hack (voodoo, oneclick lag fix etc.). no flash tho? Im hoping the gps performs better also.
I'm switching away from Verizon and going to T-Mobile at the end of this month. I think I'm going to go with this phone. I've used Samsung phones before so I'm away of the complaints. I miss the awesome screens and how well they handle videos and games. I don't mind TouchWiz but I might end up using an alternative loader (I'm a bit tired of LauncherPro though).
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adw is a good choice... or asop. both good launchers. I think the sgs4g will have the issues ironed out and will be the phone the vibrant should have been. is it worth upgrading from the vibrant at full price (500+) no... is it worth 150... yes. the galaxy s II will take till july im guessing to make it to t-mobile and I have an additional upgrade at that time... if it turns out to live up to the hype i will upgrade again.
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I just got one yesterday. I switched over from Verizon and the original Droid 1. Gotta say I love this phone! Im getting 4G in an area where the map doesnt even say I should!! I just got tired of Verizon WAY overcharging for a smartphone. Went into Tmobile yesterday and came out with a new phone. So far, I dont regret it too much.
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