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Help Why are only some mp3s ringtone compatible?


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Oct 22, 2010
I recently tried to change my gmails notification tone (the stock one is a fierce piercing shrill), so I used Mp3 Ringtone Maker to select a bit of music from one of my mp3s and saved that.

But when i reopened gmail and went to look at the ringtone menu i saw that only a few select songs from my personal music were there (not including the one I wanted) along with the whole mess of unappealing stock jingles.

I later downloaded Ringdroid and saw that only certain songs from my personal music were ringtone compatible (highlighted in green) although they are all mp3s. Does anyone know the logic behind this system and how to work with it to get what you want?

By the way, I tried moving my selection to the "ringtone" folder on the sd card, but still no luck with it showing up. I also just saw earlier that there is a ringtone folder on the phones in-built memory (Nexus1), maybe I can move it there and it would show up?
So i moved my that track to notifications but still no luck. I didnt really expect it to work though because I had previously seen that certain songs from my personal music already showed up in my gmails ringtone menu (without being moved to notifications), just not the one i was looking for. Anyway , thanks for the suggestion though.

I also realized this time around that there was again a few songs from my personal music in the gmail ringtone menu, but they are now different than before?!? :thinking:
These are more recent songs that I have downloaded. I wonder if gmail only allows like 5 or 6 of your songs at a time, and if it is only the most recent ones? If so, that is pretty ******ed. I hope there is a way around this...
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