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Why Does My iPhone Overheat and How Can I Resolve It?

Hey there, My iPhone is overheating, i know it can be due to several reasons, but What I am facing is every time i use my chatting apps It get heat up, including running too many apps maybe the cause of overheating issues. To resolve the issue, try closing unnecessary apps, turning off unused features, updating the software, and keeping my iPhone out of direct sunlight.

Give me any genuine suggestion related to my problem i don't think any of the above tips has anything to do with overheating problem So please genuine answers only.
first off and i do not own an iphone.

how hot are we talking about? is it just warm or alarmingly hotter than normal? if you have a lot of things running in the background that can cause the device to create heat. also bad cell signal or bad wifi can sometimes make the phone give off more heat as the phone is constantly look for a stronger signal.

how old is your phone?
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I'd suggest you post your query in an Apple help forum instead:
You'll get your question seen by a lot more people who also own an iPhone so it's more likely to be suggestions that are more directly relevant and less generic. (... and prepare to more forthcoming as far as just which version of iPhone you have.)

Of course this isn't an option if you reside too far away from an Apple Store to make it practical but Apple does have a pretty extensive network of Apple Stores with their own service centers where you can just take your phone in for repairs and servicing. If it's just a software and/or configuration fix, you might not even have to pay added fees. (Walk in and wait for an opening, or go online and make an Apple Genius appointment beforehand to get an assigned time.)
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I've only had an iPhone say 'temperature. iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it [emergency call]' and that was because I left it in the sun too long once. But while I've had many Android phones run quite hot (and often only getting 4 hours standby on their battery as a result) I've never had an iPhone do that, not even a CDMA variant (Verizon, Sprint). For quite some time, iPhones were the only phones that seemed capable of making it through a day at work (9 hours) while many Android phones needed 'life support' around lunch (being plugged in).

Apple's own forums are garbage. I'd recommend MacRumors Forums as a much better alternative IMO.
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