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Why does my tablet lag too much?

I don't know but this is a ZH960 tablet and it just lags so much and doesn't support many apps that i want. Please tell me how to fix this. Thanks for your time!
get a better tablet. this thing comes with 1 gig of ram......thats like nothing now days. android works better if you have at least 3 gigs of ram or more.

you have a budget tablet. i would not expect too much out of your device. just remember with electronics and technology.......you get what you pay for.

cheap device=cheap performance.
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As @ocnbrze said.
This is te main reason that I have never had a tablet.

The fact is, I can get a phone and use it as a tablet for much less money.

Literally, a $40 phone will run circles around a $100+ tablet.

I dont like that fact, but it is what it is.

I pride myself on being able to do more with less, and my devices pale in comparison to the vast majority of those owned by folks on this site.

But I still do more than most do with my devices.

That being said, for the same (or even more) money, I could not justify the loss in performance if I were to use a similarly priced tablet instead of the phones I use.
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