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Why grey GNote 2 came with white usb cable, adapter and earphone?

I got the same thing with my Note 2. White accessories... I know they have black ones because I have the black headphones and USB cable from my original Note and black charger adapter from my Note 10.1. Using those instead of the white ones.

I am assuming they mass produced generic packaging with all white accessories to save costs and just slap the grey/white Note 2s in them with labels at the final stage.
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Earphones? Am I missing these on my package? I got my Grey color Note II from ATT store the other day and the box had white Charger and white USB cable. Did not see earphones with it. I also did not get headphones when I got galaxy note I last year. Did you guys get yours at ATT ?


Sadly ATT did not include earphones in the box.
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