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Why is adownloader so slow.

Assuming that you're not downloading copyrighted material, as discussion of that is against Site Rules.... ;)

Download speed depends very much on the number and upload speed of the other peers in the swarm, as torrents are peer-to-peer rather than server-client. Iirc clients also usually require port-forwarding on the gateway router to work correctly.
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I basically know how torrents work, it just bugs me that I would be downloading something at about 40 Bps on my phone when it would be more like 400 KBps minimum on my PC. Same torrent file from the same website. I tried this with different ones too. They are just consistently slow on my phone. I just wanted to see if I could narrow down the problem to the phone's hardware or the Adownloader software itself. I'm guessing it's one of the two but other things download as fast as they should over wifi - Apps, web browsing, etc. So I'm thinking it's the software or the protocols on the phone for p2p.
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