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Why is everyone hating on the Evo?


May 16, 2010
I've seen so many threads about the Apple fanboys and the Verizon fanboys bashing the Evo. Come on people the phone isn't even out yet. I'm not going to say that it's a better phone because in all honesty the only thing that we have is specs and videos. The only real way to judge a phone is after experiencing it from day to day. I've also seen people complaining about the bigger screen. LOLWUT?

I'm a person that likes to have all the facts before I make a decision and I honestly don't know which phone is the best yet. Plus which ever phone I prefer is not the best phone out there but only the best phone for me. It's all subjective.
Haters will always hate but all I know is HTC has been making premium products wayyyyyyyyy before Apple ever made a damn phone. I remember my first smart phone being an HTC SPV/E100 from orange when I was with T-mobile. I ordered it unlocked off ebay and it was one of the best phones I ever had even though it was windows based. I wanna see the new iphone or even the ipad for that matter power up to 8 devices, run on true 4g, and multitask.

Apple is getting worse and worse IMO. There idea of "multitasking" is comical to say the least. Their supposed "new iphone" looks more outdated than their first iphone and don't even get me started on Iad, and the icon pages. Even with 4.0, I don't see anything revolutionary. It's still the same boring OS.

My point is let them hate all they want but HTC is HOT and is only getting hotter with each phone they make. I believe that the EVO will be our dream device that we have been longing for...
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I'm not even going to read neodorian's posts anymore, I'm just going thank each one because I know it will be educational.

the only hate I've seen is from the crow guy and it's all about the size of the phone. I do agree it is an oversized phone, but the minute I held the HD2 I knew I wanted a 4.3in screen, it was simply amazing. I actually would not be as excited about this phone if it was the Incredible or Nexus One.
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