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Why is Web video playback different on my iOS than my Android?


Dec 18, 2013
I'm a new Android user. I've been using the Galaxy Note 3 for the last 2 and half months but I still have my iPhone 5. Something that I've noticed is that a lot of videos that play on ios don't play on android. And if I can play the video on my Android then the video is much more laggy and not as clear than on my iPhone 5. These are regular websites like sports websites (nhl, nba, espn etc) or Team Stream app/website, or random other sites that have videos for mobile devices. Sometimes (with my Android) on sites, the video shows the play button, but the video still doesn't play. I don't understand this because on my iPhone 5 the videos play perfectly, load much quicker, play and look smoother, and just look more clear. I assumed that both android and ios have the same video playback ability? (Video type, frame rate, clarity, load time, etc) Can anyone help with this? Or is this just something that android lacks in its OS?

If someone can help me understand this it would be greatly appreciated :)
Welcome to the forums CeaserNY. The reason is Apple and Google; the companies, don't get along. It goes back a little while to when Google didn't let Apple do something with Android then Apple struck back hard by dropping Google Maps from iOS. Anywho aside from that you can use third party browsers from the Play Store and switch between them to find the best streaming format for the particular site you feel like watching. Heck you could even run 2 at once.
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