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Why so long to unlock

Can someone give me a bit more detail on what this means please "Burn the iso, boot it, "

Sure. You use a program (I generally use ImgBurn) to load the ISO and burn it to a blank CD, then boot your PC from that CD.

Your PC may not be configured to boot from CD before trying to load Windows, in which case you need to enter the BIOS setup; when you turn on your PC there's usually something that flashes saying 'Press F2 to enter setup,' on some PCs it's F10, sometimes DEL...you just tap it repeatedly when turning on the PC. Once you're in there, you're looking for something in the menus that changes the order in which your PC looks for bootable devices. You want the optical drive to take precedence over the hard drive.

Developers like to use operating systems on CD to simplify things because people's Windows installs have so many variables (wrong drivers installed, no drivers installed, conflicting programs) that can cause things to go wrong. This way, everything is streamlined and the chances of success are far greater.
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